AOL Desktop Gold Download | Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold

In the market AOL Desktop Gold download for Windows as well as AOL Desktop Gold download for Mac is available. The best part is that the features of it don’t hang your device and simultaneously give you a layer of protection while you working on your system.

AOL Desktop Gold Installation (Mac)

●       Go to Finder.

●       Then, launch the Downloads folder.

●       After that, look for the AOL Desktop Gold installer option.

●       Next, you need to double-click on the installer option.

●       Note that if you don’t get the installer option by itself, then you need to activate the installer file by yourself.

●       Then, choose the Install button.

●       Have a look at the points given on the display.

●       Note that if you get any warning, then press on Confirm option for moving forward with the task.

AOL Desktop Gold Activation for Windows and Mac

●       Go to your inbox.

●       Then, look for the email from AOL.

●       After that, you need to log in to your account at AOL.

●       Next, search for the activation button.

●       After that, press the AOL Desktop Gold download option.

●       Then, press the Activate Now option.

●       After that, confirm for the same.

●       Next, on your desktop, you need to tap on the AOL Desktop Gold download software option twice.

●       Then, you need to log out of your ID.

●       Lastly, you need to log in one more time with the ID that you have preferred while activating.

AOL Desktop Gold Uninstall (Windows)

●       Press on the Start option.

●       Then, press on the Settings options twice.

●       After that, choose the Applications option.

●       Next, press the ‘Apps and Features’ button.

●       Then, right-click on the AOL Desktop Gold download button.

●       After that, choose the ‘Uninstall’ option.

●       Next, press the yes option.

●       Then, let the uninstall task get completed.

●       Lastly, restart your device.

AOL Desktop Gold Uninstall (Mac)

●       Go to the Finder with the help of the dock.

●       Then, get the application folder option. Then tap on it.

●       After that, launch the AOL Desktop Gold download file.

●       Next, tap on the uninstaller option twice.

●       Then, do according to the steps mentioned on the display.

●       Note that if still, you haven’t got the software yet, then you have to put the software symbol in the trash in an unhesitant way.

●       After that, remove the trash from your device.

●       Lastly, you need to reboot your system.

Note: Once you found the Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold on McA, click on it to begin the downloading process. Finish the Process Run the downloaded file to install the AOL Desktop Gold software on your Windows computer.

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